In Fashion, new trends turnaround to the next extremely fast. Every season, there are styles and looks that goes popular, while sometimes trends from the past make epic comebacks. Lately, previous and old styles were seen in the market as they quickly make their way back into the spotlight. This goes the same for the Beauty Community wherein stylists and huge celebrities take inspirations from the old hair and makeup craze; the 60’s class to be specific. We have listed down some of the trending 60’s inspired looks, see them for yourself!

Welcoming Blues!

Baby blue hues are here to rule. From the modern earthy and smoky tones, we are going back to the sixties’ vibe with the help of baby blue eyeshadows. The pop of a soft and singular shadow appearance brings a sense of vintage to anyone’s overall makeup. This particular color was also one of the frequently used shade during the sixties up to the late nineties.

Hair Twists here and there.

Another inspiration that is loved by girls nowadays are the famous hair twists. It’s an easy and delicate addition to a person’s hair elegance. You don’t need professional or expert skills to nail this hairstyle, all you have to do is to create loose braids and finish it off without securing them. This way, you can create textures rather than presenting your usual flat hairstyle.

Cat-eyes but with a New Twist

It may look like the usual cat-eye but it’s not. Unlike the traditional cat-eye, the bottom line of this style does not connect to your lash line. Some beauty experts say that it’s more of a negative space wing. The best technique or strategy to have it “on fleek” is by making sure that the point of the triangle matches the outer corner of your eyebrows.