Traveling by train is an efficient, safe and enjoyable way to travel Italy. It also proves to cost-effective. A large number of trains cover almost every nook and cranny of this small country.

If you are visiting Rome, Florence or some other large cities, it is better to travel by train, as finding a parking space for a personal vehicle could be a nightmare, especially for those ones who are visiting these cities for the first time.

The train stations in most of the cities are located near busy city centers. After getting off the train, one can easily find a taxi for local travel, or maybe one can walk down the historic streets of the art cities. The skyrocketing prices of gasoline and several toll roads charging substantial tolls are some of the other reasons that make a traveler choose the train as a mode of transport in Italy. Trains in Italy are not only economical, but also environmentally friendly.

Tickets are available at every railway station in Italy. One can purchase them just a few minutes before the departure of a train. However, there are certain  italy train tickets travel periods during which reservations in advance are recommended. The busy season generally lasts from June to August.

In the last few years, several new trains connecting Italy’s most important cities have started. They are high-speed, stylish trains, and tourists can travel on them for a wonderful experience. There are certain trains which are known as national trains. They connect long-distance stations with each other. Domestic travelers mostly use them.

There are no less than a dozen international trains which connect Italy with other European countries. They provide excellent comfort and save a lot of time.