I have noticed that air tickets are always a worry for hikers-especially when they book a hike or put it on the waiting list. After all, air tickets involve a lot of money. Therefore, in this article, I will introduce some of the tips I learned when booking air tickets.

In the past four years, I have traveled a lot-not only in India but also abroad. Since I took many flights, I learned some techniques for checking my budget. The technique I reject mainly comes from my experience. I believe you will find them useful.

1. Do not open the flight search engine on the main window

Three years ago, I had to book a flight from Kolkata to Bangkok. In the evening on the search engine, the fare is 4875 Indian rupees. I closed the window and thought of booking a flight in the morning. When I tried to book in the morning, the same flight showed 5395 INR.

I believe all of you have gone through this process when you book your tickets.

This happens because your server keeps search records. The next time you search for the same flight, the fare will be higher.

Therefore, always use the incognito window (Ctrl + Shift + N) when booking tickets or even browsing the fares. This ensures that no data will be recorded, and even if the flight fare the next day is the same.

2. Don’t book flights through digital agents

Do not book or trust third-party agents, such as MakeMyTrip, “Tripline”, Cleartrip, etc.

These agents almost always charge a mandatory convenience fee of INR 249-499. They may call it other names, such as “service fee”, “other services”, etc., but this is mandatory.

Instead, book directly on the website of the flight you plan to take. Or use a search engine that is dedicated to this purpose without any convenience fees. Next, I will continue.

3. Avoid booking any flights via IOS mobile version and MacBook

It sounds incredible, but it is true. If you search by iPhone or MacBook, the ticket price will show the higher price.

I don’t know why this happens, but if you book via IOS or MacBook, you will find that the fare is 50-170 INR more expensive than booking via Android or other laptops. I have never experienced it, because I don’t like the iPhone very much. However, my friends and colleagues have it.

Therefore, if you want to book a flight, try using an “elite” gadget.

I’m sure there are many ways to reduce your flight cost.

If you have the skills to book the trek flight that suits you best, please add a comment below! This is something all of us can learn from you.

4. Try and be flexible on appointments

This is unreasonable. Air tickets on certain days (weekends) are more expensive, and air tickets on certain days (mid-week) are cheaper. If you can arrange the dates flexibly, you can choose to choose a flight two days before the travel report date and explore the area around the base camp. If you are worried about accommodation, then your trek coordinator will usually provide a list of good and cheap hotels close to the pick-up point.

5. Avoid direct flights to hidden airports

As a trekking leader, I must constantly move one place to another. I am from Kolkata. Therefore, when I need to go to Dehradun, I usually fly from Kolkata to Delhi. It cost me about 2300-2700 Indian rupees, and then I took the train from Delhi to Dehradun at a cost of 600 Indian rupees. However, if I fly directly from Dehradun to Kolkata, the price is about 3700-4200 Indian rupees. So you can imagine how much money I can save if I don’t take a direct flight to an obscure airport.

In our country, airports like Bagdogra, Bhuntar and Dehradun are not very big. Unlike the large airports in New Delhi or Kolkata, these humble airports have very few flights every day. If you go directly to these airports by plane, the fare will naturally be high.

Instead, please separate your journey. Take a plane to Delhi and then take a train from there. In this way, you can save nearly 2000 INR and have a comfortable journey on the train. Most of our hikers do this. It is suitable for most trekking in Uttarakhand.

6. Get the fare forecast before booking

This is a very important step. Any time between 4 and 12 weeks before your trip is a good time to book your flight. But before booking, please get flight forecasts through the Play Store app called Hopper.

This app will tell you the exact time, date and time to get the best ticket price.

7. Find flights through these specific search engines

The website I want to recommend can be easily used. They are not agents. They are search engines that can provide you with cumulative results from all agencies such as Makemytrip, “Tripline tours”, etc. They also do not charge any convenience fees.