Exams like GRE (graduation record examinations) are not easy to crack unless you prepare for it well. To prepare it will you need to do practice for it regularly. Regular practice for this exam for continuously 5 to 6 weeks shall be enough to crack the exam. You can start your practice as per GRE exam dates. If you will appear in the exam after proper practice then you shall easily be able to score your targeted scores. There a few tips that you should follow if you are about to appear in exams like GRE. 

The following are the tips that you need to follow if you are going to appear in exams like GRE:

  • You need to find your baseline: 

Do you know what is the baseline? If yes or not, in both situations, let us make it clear that baseline is the score that you would be able to make today by appearing in the exam without any extra preparation. Finding a baseline will help you in knowing your level. Where do you stand among others can be known with help of finding your baseline.The answer to your baseline shall help you in determining that how much preparation you need. How long you would take to prepare and revise the syllabus of the GRE. Based on this, you shall be able to make your study plan, decide to study timing, set your goal, etc. 

  • You should set the target of scores that you want to make:

Whenever we think about or make a plan to appear in an exam. We always have a score in our minds that we want to achieve. The same is in the case of the GRE. You firstly need to determine the scores that you want to or need to achieve. Based on this, start preparing for the exam. Once you know your target, it will help in boosting your confidence. Along with the boost in the confidence, there shall be a boost in your effort too. Once you are confident and putting in your all effort, you will be able to score your targeted results. 

  • Select the preparation period:

No matter how confident and hardworking you are. You shall not be able to complete your syllabus until to determine your preparation period. Like you have decided that you will be preparing for your GRE in, say 6 weeks. You will be able to divide your syllabus and make time for revision. Therefore, whenever going for an exam like GRE, always determine your prep period before starting the syllabus. 

  • Go through previous year question papers: 

You also need to solve the recent question papers of GRE. It shall help you in understanding the exam pattern and weightage of all topics. Based on the patterns and weightage of different topics you will be able to prepare in a better way and score better. Therefore, always study recent years’ question papers. 

All these tips you can follow if you are going to appear in GRE or any other similar exam.