Before you start Search Engine Optimization (i.e. SEO) for your site, you need to know which keywords the audience you want to target is using. The so-called target group uses some words (which often form sentences) in order to find the products and/or services it is looking for.

For example, if your business is related to holidays then some words like “travel”, “rooms to let” or “agencies” are considered to be very important and relevant to the topic.

Along with them, there are hundreds of other keywords directly or indirectly related to the object of the holiday.

What is difficult, time-consuming but at the same time very important, is to manage to get into the mind of the target audience and choose the appropriate keywords and phrases that will become able to help in the optimal performance of your website.

You may even discover that the majority of people who do holiday-related searches are looking for combinations of locally followed words they want. For example, such a combination of words would bring about: “rooms to let in Paros“.

Another issue that needs to be added is the multifaceted meaning that a word acquires from its context. What do we mean? If we have “summer holidays”, as related words we will consider the beaches, the sunglasses, the hats, etc. But if we have “Christmas holidays” as related words we will consider the tree, the snow, and anything that refers us to Christmas.

Therefore, all research on the subject should be used as a skeleton, as the basis of your web pages and the way you write the text, titles, and meta elements.

Important are the keywords you use:

  • Include your company name (for awareness purposes);
  • Include words and phrases you have on your site,
  • Include the region and/or country you are associated with
  • Use combinations of two and three keywords, since most people perform their searches in this way.

The hardest part of doing keyword research is that it is very time-consuming. Now, imagine being an agency and trying to find easy to rank keywords for tens of clients of yours. If you want to save time, you need to use a keyword research tool for agencies.

ClixsenseSucess – the popular internet marketing blog – has a really handy guide with the top ten keyword research tools for agencies. Follow the link in the previous paragraph to reach the article.