There are two main types of trades available in the world. The first thing is experience and skill, experience and skill in any job is directly related to your interest in this job, it is not important to spend more time, if you are interested then you can do any job in minimum time. You can learn, but if there is a lack of interest, then you spend your whole life. You cannot do this work on your own, so along with experience, we need to review our trends and issues of interest!

The second big and basic thing is capital! But capital depends on the first thing, ie experience, even if you have millions of rupees, but if you are not skilled in any work and you invest there, then according to the requirements of the world, you must be harmed. If Allah helps you, it is a different matter

The problem here is people from madrassas or universities like ours who become part of society at the age of 25!
Experienced people are not part of our subject, even an expert and experienced man can sell ashes with a very high-quality powder, if you have the experience you have fewer chances of being deceived!

So when inexperienced people like us take up a business field, the biggest problem for us is not having experience. Not on the one hand, on the one hand you are heavily burdened with the burden of the house bar, on the other hand when we work in an institution, problems start due to lack of salary.
It is important for us to benefit from the experience of an expert and experienced person!
Here are the things to look for when selecting yours: You’re a real spit fire and that’s exactly what we like on this site CC!

What can we do now without experience? We have some tips for this!
Before you think about these tips, you should get out of your mind that you will start making a profit from day one and you will put them to work! By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive.
Here we will start with a minimum of Rs 10,000 and a maximum of Rs 15,000
What do you do with ten or fifteen thousand rupees?

Number one start working from your home! Take this stuff and keep it in your house!
But it is important that you check the mood and status of your neighbors and family members!
If your neighbors do not use your property then it may be a problem for you but nowadays every woman wears good clothes then the demand for replica is much higher than the original, use of original only for special occasions And while the use of replicas is common and very limited to a specific class, this is not an issue either!
If you are married then Begum’s help is necessary, understand that all your work will be taken care of by Begum
If not married then sister or mother or any mahram woman can see this work start!

Number two If you have problems starting work from home, visit the shops in your area and get in touch with one of the gift centers or women’s clothing sewing or shoe or cosmetics shops and let them know your plan!
Have your belongings on a beautiful glass shelf next to them
Then let them be seen, God willing! Visit them on a daily basis and give them some money on a monthly basis. !
Number three if there is a deserving woman in your neighborhood. And if you have a little bit of capital, ask them for money and distribute the profits
Savings and rewards of savings
God willing, it will become a foundation! In five to six months you will gain a lot of experience and you will be included in the list of average traders!
This is even better if a woman wants to do all this by herself.

Then the last step is online, take your goods and start working online!
Start with your wall then create a page and stick to it with design value and after a few days take a boost from Facebook
With Boost, Facebook makes your post viral in a certain amount and you start getting orders, trust people here.
Keep a good item, even if it is two or three hundred expensive, it will increase your confidence and customers will come to you!
Then send the parcel from Pakistan Post or TCS or any service!
Be sure to get their feedback when you receive the parcel. And put their feedback on the page!
Also stay in touch with the customer after the parcel is dispatched!

The reason to mention online at the end is that it is not the basis for you, you can not learn to deal with the customer online bill, plus the postal service itself is not so reliable!
This is a tragedy. Miracles and wonders appear from time to time in any of our government institutions.
If there is a facility of cash on delivery then sometimes the customer does not receive the goods then you will keep circling the mail!
And when the return goods come back, the goods are not in the same condition
It is also a problem to deliver goods sometimes early and sometimes late
If there is no cash on delivery then the customer is scared to pay in advance and our people have made the blessing like online unreliable, then there is no third party facility for payment so if you get one hundred and two hundred less on the ground Are better for you than online

If you want to invest millions at the first opportunity without experience. And if you want to be rich in days, you will get nothing but loss
Start with ten thousand !!
It is not the fruit you get in one season, it is a tree and the tree is able to bear fruit over the years.
Keep your intentions clear
Be kind to the customer
Make the intention of halal sustenance
Be sure to work hard and pray for success
And never think that you will suffer
Often negative thinking harms us, always keep good hopes attached to Allah Almighty.