Camel toe can happen to any woman when she makes the wrong style choice, so banish any thoughts that might make you feel bad about it. However, if you don’t want it happening again, there’s plenty you can do to avoid it for good.

Find out how to prevent camel toe by choosing the right workout clothes, underwear and pants. With the help of these simple tips, you’ll be able to avoid feeling exposed when you realize that there’s more showing through than you intended.

1. Don’t Go Commando

It’s a no-brainer, and there’s no good reason to go put on pants without underwear anyway. Spandex and elastic fabrics are particularly risky when you’re not wearing any panties. Going commando in your workout clothes and not washing them properly or spending too much time in them can also increase your risk of UTIs and yeast infections.

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2. Choose the Right Underwear

Panties can help when you’re wearing the kind of pants that contribute to the problem, but you have to make the right choice. Prevent camel toe when you’re wearing stretchy and thin fabrics by choosing seamless panties that are on the thicker side. That way, you’ll avoid any unwanted creases or lines in your crotch area.

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3. Opt for Lined Workout Gear

From yoga pants to leggings, anything that’s tight should have extra lining built in to protect your crotch. Any fabrics like elastane and spandex can be tricky, so the lining is there to prevent any problems in the area. That doesn’t mean you’ll be safe going commando, but it does provide you with an extra layer of protection.

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4. Camel Toe Proof Yourself with a Panty Liner

When you realize there’s a problem just before walking out the door, you can prevent camel toe by using a panty liner. Fold it in half on its side and place it where it makes a difference. You can also layer a piece of flexible cardstock underneath the panty liner for extra protection. Obviously, this is more of a solution for tight pants and jeans than for yoga pants. The panty liner won’t stay in place for long if you start stretching and exercising.

5. Try a Special Product

If you want to banish the camel toe without worrying about your workout gear and tight clothes, you can purchase one of many products created to protect your crotch. CuchiniBraza Camel-Not and SmoothGroove are just a few options that promise to keep any fabrics from creating creases that you really don’t want, and keep things smooth.

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6. Choose Camel Toe-Proof Underwear

Since this is an issue that affects so many women, there are also options for panties that solve the problem by themselves. You can easily prevent camel toe by trying Camelflage panties and briefs or the Camel No underwear line from Seamless Thread. Some camel toe-proof panties use medical grade silicone that takes the temperature of your body.

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7. Improve Your Leggings Selection

Try on leggings before you purchase them so you can test them properly. Wear contrasting underwear and make sure that the fabric is thick and opaque enough to conceal them completely. White underwear should be completely invisible under black leggings, if you really want adequate protection.

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8. Use the Right Waistband

You can also avoid the problem by paying extra attention to the waistband when you buy workout bottoms or leggings. A wider waistband that goes up to your navel will keep your yoga pants in place, so you don’t risk creating the nasty camel toe by pulling them up.

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9. Improvise with Toilet Paper

While this isn’t a solution for every day, it can work for emergencies. If you’re wearing pants made from a thin fabric and you don’t have any other way of fixing the problem until you get home, head for the nearest toilet. Use 3-4 squares of toilet paper on top of each other, fold them in half once, and that’s your emergency panty liner

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10. Pick the Right Tops

When you just don’t want to worry about how to prevent camel toe, all you need to do is to choose a longer top. Whether you’re wearing leggings, yoga pants or skinny jeans, opt for something with enough coverage. Whether it’s a tunic or a shirt, the hemline should reach the lower butt area to offer adequate protection from any frontal wedgies.