Let us take a walk down memory lane and look at the best men’s hairstyles through the ages, namely, defined and marked styles each decade. The hairstyles have various names like mop-top, The Beatles’ famous hairstyle, dapper hairstyles, and the pompadour, among many others.

It begins with 1920s hairstyles for men. The time advanced through the decades, and up until the 2010s, we prepare for the new 20s, the 2020s.

With the revolution of hairstyles, hair care for men has also evolved.

The 1920s

The 1920s are considered the decade in which fashion and beauty entered the modern age. So they are the perfect period to start this list. Hats characterized 1920s men’s hairstyles.

Except for college fellas, most men wore hats and went for slicked, shiny, flat on the head hair. Also, they did not wear facial hair except for very thin mustaches and only in some cases.

Slicked Back Hair

As stated above, most men would not go out of the house without a hat, so their hairstyles were specially adapted for hat-use. Slicked back hair was perfect for this, mostly thanks to the use of Brilliantine. This hair product was meant to smooth and flatten the hair, not shape it up.

The 1930s

After the Roaring Twenties and the Jazz Age’s craziness, things came crashing down – the world entered the Great Depression, a crisis triggered by the Wall Street Crash of 1929. With another world war on the horizon, the style and fashion also got tamer and less extravagant.

Clark Gable Hairstyle

Clark Gable is perhaps one of the most famous old Hollywood movie stars. Even at the time, he was commonly referred to as “The King of Hollywood.” His career spanned over more than three decades, and he was one of the original style icons.

The 1940s

WWII marked the 1940s, so it comes as no surprise that the time styles were more conservative, short, and easy to maintain as people had to rationalize everything.

However, while early 1940s styles for men were polished and usually groomed into a single wave, later on in the decade, the hair started getting looser and freer in step with the times.

The Dapper Haircut

Men in the 1940s made frequent visits to the barbershop to keep their hair perfectly groomed. The most popular and frequent hairstyles at the time involved keeping the sides short and the top long.

The 1950s

The 1950s were, in a way, the perfect half-century period. As the decade was characterized by being in a state of in-between. People were both conservative and rebellious at the same time. However, the youth were more represented by the latter.

The Greaser Hairstyle

The term ‘greaser’ was used to describe a hairstyle that used many hair products usually and in most cases, a greasy pomade.

The 1960s

The 1960s were yet another turbulent period in humanity’s history. After the prosperous 50s, the 60s came with price increases, new wars, and the rise of countercultures and movements, protests, and riots. Some of the most varied men’s hairstyles through the ages can be associated and used to be sported during this decade.

The Executive Slick Back Hair

Business wear was prevalent in the 1960s as many grown men imitated male heroes such as James Bond or Sean Connery. Hats also started being less worn, and the Ivy League look became very desirable among middle-class young adults.

The 1970s

The 1970s came as a sort of natural continuation of the 60s. As counterculture movements still reigned strong, and overproduction led to the popularization. Music was also a more substantial influence than ever before on the way people dressed and styled themselves.

The 70s Rock Star

The Mods were not the only British youth subculture to make a difference. In direct opposition came the Rockers and then came the famous rock stars that we know and still love today.

The 1980s

Short hair made a comeback in the 1980s fashion for men, at least in the mainstream. There were still many rock stars and musicians that sported longer styles too.

The 1980s Rock Star

Rock stars in the 1980s went for excessive looks with great hairstyles and excentric accessories, and tight clothing to contrast it all! The 80s were also the era of glam rockers.

The 1990s

Hairstyles and fashion, in general, in the 1990s, took a more minimalist approach to things. At least in the early years of the decade, many of the popular styles of the 80s were still trending.

However, the rise of alternative and grunge music gave rise to a more straightforward, messier look.

Kurt Cobain Mid to Long-Length Hairstyles

Kurt Cobain, the frontman of Nirvana, was one of the idols of the youth generation of the 90s. He wore his hair straight and mid to long and unruly with a central part, and the long, frontal, face-framing locks swept and held behind the ears.

The 2000s

The fashion of the 2000s is a combination of all previous styles. From vintage to ethnic to global, all in a sort of a mash-up. The 1990s styles remained popular throughout the first years of the decade, and globalization helped bring in new styles and trends.

Justin Bieber Teen Moptop.

Justin Bieber, a very young Justin Bieber in his “Baby” days, brought back a modern mop-top variation. While the silhouette is the same, the hair is swept to the side, and the bangs arrange themselves with the Bieber flick.

The 2010s

And we have reached modern times and our days and ages. About the present styles, you know them, by the way.

And we are back to modern times after taking a trip down memory lane and discovering some of the most interesting men’s hairstyles through the ages.

The styles and cuts that made it on this list were selected because they were a staple of their times, either by representing a subculture or the decade’s prevailing trends, Still seen today.