Who needs to be sure nowadays? Just get on with life, create a positive attitude, help a few people along the way, and the big issues, whatever they’re, will look after themselves. Sounds fine? But imagine if those big issues simply don’t take care of themselves? And imagine if I truly do need to locate peace with God and be absolutely sure that I have been accepted? In this short article I’ll make an effort to answer those questions. The good thing of Christ is approximately bridging the gulf between God’s holiness and our human fallen sinfulness and restoring us to fellowship with God. And about how he has gone to great lengths to do for all of us what we’re able to never do for ourselves. Hence we read that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners'(1 Timothy 1:15). You might respond Equally well, many of them need it!’ But we also have to reckon that’S None is righteous, no, not just one and all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God'(Romans 3:10 & 3:23). Add to the the serious truth -‘by works of what the law states no-one will undoubtedly be justified'(Galatians 2:16), that’s, nobody gets right with God by efforts at keeping his law.

While we might be exceptionally pleasant and caring, we have never kept God’s law perfectly. Consequently, notwithstanding our personal high self-estimate, we too have previously missed the mark, and put beside God’s standard, we’re law-breakers. And if we have never personally placed our trust in Jesus Christ, who died for the ungodly'(Rom. 5:6), and if we’ve never actively come to God in repentance and faith whoever doesn’t believe is condemned already, while he hasn’t believed in the name of the sole Son of These biblical truths show some of why people build false hopes; our personal method of feeling we are good enough for a pass mark from God. People place their confidence in their relations, famous ancestors, wealth, qualifications, help of others, churchgoing, Bible reading, prayers, giving to charities, helping the sick and numerous other good works and religious Some things might be highly commendable, but what provides you with a false assurance is thinking that all the good things you do will earn God’s approval on the Great Day of reckoning. In effect, everything you say is,’I might not be perfect, but God is likely to pay attention to me and let me through.’ assurance maif

You’re reckoning that God is under sort of moral obligation to just accept your merits. With this particular thinking, you don’t need the perfect merits of the loving Son of God who gave himself to the condemnation sinners deserved, so they might go free. All the while you refuse to simply accept Christ as your Saviour and reckon you can save yourself, you have false assurance. That is the ultimate ingratitude, thinking Jesus wasted his time dying on the cross and that you will make do without him! I hope you’re clear on the period, because it may well be that unbelief like that’ll condemn one to hell for ever. I cannot say it any more clearly! So, let’s turn to clarify true assurance. When you yourself have accepted Scripture’s verdict that you are a missing sinner – a law-breaker, and under God’s judgement and have confessed your sin to God and looked to him, trusting that Jesus, who had been without sin, died bearing the penalty your sins deserved, you then are you going to know he has accepted Then you definitely will accept his promises Whoever believes in him is not condemned and Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life John 3:18 & 3:36). Now, all who receive God’s free gift of salvation,’have already been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ'(Rom. 5:1).

When you yourself have, you will be sure that you have been accepted in Christ With the same acceptance the Father has of the Son! That’s why the Apostle wrote to assure people who had trusted in Christ (not merely a mental assent sort of belief), that’s for you who believe in the name of the Son of God that you could realize that you have eternal life'(1 John So, do you like Christ, the gospel of Christ, his word, his people? Do you wish to generally share his love with others, and pray for them, would you confess your sins, and seek to walk in fellowship with other like-minded believers in Christ? If so, you’ll continue trusting Christ, his once for many sacrifice, and his complete sufficiency.