There are so many models and types of Bluetooth headphones out in the market. Each has its own set of features, depending on its purpose and usage. Because of the vast amount of features being promised by different Bluetooth headsets, selecting the right one for you can become confusing most of the time.

If you want to buy Bluetooth headphones and want to know what the basic features are, this article will help you. Here are the basic features found in all recent and modern Bluetooth headsets.

Wireless Range. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Bluetooth headset if it comes with wires. It can connect wirelessly with a maximum range of 30 feet. The Bluetooth headset can connect with other Bluetooth-powered gadgets that are compatible with the headset.

Sound Reduction Feature. It has an Active Voice Reduction (ANR) technology that inverts sound waves. In effect, the inverted sound waves will stop any sound wave that will enter your eardrums. This decreases the ambient sound within the surrounding environment.

Digital Signal Processing. The Digital Signal Processing feature of Bluetooth headsets basically increases the volume of the speakers automatically to adjust with the background noise.

LCD feature. Some of the latest Bluetooth earphones contain an LCD screen that will allow the owner to view incoming calls for cell phones. Aside from caller ID’s, some headsets for cell phones let the owner view her or his phonebook through the LCD screen. This is very handy because you won’t have to get your cell phone out of your pocket or bag just to view your phonebook.

Menu and Control. Some Bluetooth earphones contain functionality and menu buttons whether it does or does not have an LCD screen. These features allow you to view caller ID’s, as well as incoming and outgoing calls. Some models may also have a control setting and volume controls and so on.

Vibrating and Ringtone feature. Every time you receive a call, the headset will vibrate or you will hear the ringtone, though it may be uncomfortable.

Mono and Binaural Models. A monoaural headset model uses only 1 speaker or earpiece that is attached to one ear, while the binaural models have two speakers that cover both ears. The model will depend on your preference and choice.

Microphone. You can choose either a boom or boomless microphone. The former is the old-style headset that has a microphone that arches towards the owner’s mouth. This kind of headset can be used if you want to look like a phone operator. The boomless microphone is found on the earpiece, so the microphone is unnoticeable.

Different Bluetooth headsets also have different styles and sizes that fit according to one’s purpose or need. The features mentioned above can be seen in almost every Bluetooth earphone. In buying Bluetooth headphones, find out if the model has the mentioned features or more to have a satisfying listening experience.