The story of Bad Education is based on Roslyn District School in Long Island. The Superintendent of this school was Frank Tassone. He has committed a crime by embezzling scheme. He was stealing money from District School with his companions. Before that, everyone loved him. His behavior with students was so good. He has also improved the school ranking. But after that, when his crime was revealed, he did not remain a respected man.  

Under the service of Tassone, Roslyn District School was one of the top-ranked schools and students of this school due to high scores in the tests known as best students in the nation. And at that time, this was the biggest scandal of District School.

After this scandal, articles wrote on about the real story of Bad Education. Bad Education directed by cory Finley. After that, a movie also was made on the story of Bad Education.

After this scandal, some questions were raised. And the answer to these questions told the whole real story of Bad Education either what happened at that time.

 Was the Roslyn School District the sixth top-ranked district school in the country? 

Roslyn School District was a long island and approximately was home to 3,300 students. When Frank A. Tassone was the Superintendent, Roslyn School District was the sixth top-ranked school. He did his service as a Superintended in this school for 12-years.  

Is Bad Education based on a movie?

The real story of Bad Education also was published in a Magazine article in New York and was quoted in different academic assignments by  online essays help uk and other students. And then a film is made on the real story of Bad Education. And the writer of this film was Mike Makowsky. He was a student at Roslyn School. And at the time of this scandal, he was a pupil of this school.

From the Roslyn School District, How much money did embezzle Tassone and Pamela Gluckin?

In 2006, Frank A. Tassone was the Superintendent, and the assistant Superintendent was Pamela Gluckin for business. These both play a role in the embezzlement scheme. And they were stealing money from Roslyn School District about $11.2 million. But later, it revealed that Frank personally stole money from this school for about $2.4 million. And Pamela was admitted that they were stealing herself about $4.3 million. And their friends and families also benefited from this money.

How did Frank Tassone and his companions cheat the Roslyn School District?

It is confirmed that they were used primary ways to cheat the District School. They kept the fake set of books, but recording showed that standard payments for school service and supplies business. And they send this money to their friends and family. And when the money reduces due to the outstanding student’s test scores, the school board approved them and increased the school budget.

What did they do with the money that Rank and Pamela were stolen? 

Frank and Pamela spend this money on a lavish lifestyle. It revealed from the story of Bad Education that, on the school tab’s per-night hotel rooms, Tassone reputedly put $1.800. he was traveling to London, New Orleans, the Caribbean, or Boston. And 2 to 3 times trips in a year to Las Vegas he is talking about gambling.  He purchased a Mercedes, wore expensive suits, jewelry bought, rented an apartment on Upper East Side, and had served lobster tails at luncheons. In dry cleaning, he spends thousands of dollars on the treatment of weight-loss and flights. Pamela Gluckin spends money on the renovation of the home.

Did break the Bad Education story a student journalist?

A student journalist of Roslyn School District’s name was Rebekah Rombom. She was the co-editor of the newspaper of the school.  She wrote a story and published about the assistant superintendent. This story of Pamela Gluckin embezzled from district school about $25,00 and was fired due to this from the school board. When she published this story that she became the senior journalist. After her publication, she attended the school board meeting, where she told more information about this story. 

And the article of Rombom was the first outlet on media about the scandal of embezzlement from the Roslyn School District by Tassone and his companions.

When Pamela Gluckin was caught, did crime Tassone keep secret his crime?

When Pamela Gluckin was caught due to her crime, then Tassone kept secret his crime. Before this, Tassone encouraged her to resign before her trial. He has also ensured her that she still gets a year of $160,000 from the school administrator. But after soon the crime of Tassone also was revealed.

Did Frank Tassone at his judgment a tearful apology offered?

Frank Tassone, when he was arrested due to his crime at his sentencing, he was more ashamed. A tearful apology he offered due to his stealing from District school. He was more remorseful when he was arrested. And he took 20 years to repay this amount that he was stealing from District School.

After punishment due to embezzling money from District School, where were Frank and Pamela?

In September 2006, Frank pled guilty to grand larceny from both first and second degree and approximately spent behind bars three years or four months. In February 2010. He became a free man at the age of 63. And Pamela pled guild to grand theft to first-degree and spent close to prison for five years. 

Is a gay man Frank Tassone?

Joanne was the wife of Tassone. She met with Tassone in college; she loved him a lot. After marriage, she was died due to cancer. He also had a marriage photo all-time on his office table. After six months of her death, Tassone was visited a gay bar. And he said that men and women are both attractive, but even he finds men more attractive.

After embezzlement, it was revealed that a man Stephen who had a domestic partnership with Tassone. And after Tassone’s sentencing, he also agreed that his partner Stephen was also involved in this embezzlement scheme.

Is it true that still receives Frank Tassone a pension?

It is unbelievable, but it is true that still receives these bad teachers a pension. These bad teachers who stole money from District School did not stay employees of this school. But still, they receive a pension from the school. Pamela also receives a pension from the school after repaying money that he stole from this school.

The biggest scandal of District School was bad Education. The story of Bad Education is explained in different ways. But still, this scandal does not forget people. It was the top news of that time.